Is your GUT telling you something may be wrong with your diet?

When our immune system is activated by incompatible foods it can cause a whole host of problems: IBS, celiac disease, migraine headaches, weight problems, joint pain, skin and respiratory problems, ADD/hyperactivity, fatigue and much more. Seaside Chiropractic offers specialized nutritional testing, scientifically proven, which tells you which foods you may be incompatible with and may be a trigger for your symptoms, if you are in adrenal fatigue/adrenal stress, and if your hormones are truly in balance.

Dr. Erikka is Charleston and Mount Pleasant's functional medicine go to practitioner.  She will also provide specific recommendations on healthy food choices and nutritional supplements to enhance your return to optimal health.  Do you know which supplements and vitamins are right for you?  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Erikka to find out!