We are extremely excited to announce our new yoga instructor Keely Doran!  

Keely graduated from her teacher training program in Knoxville, TN in 2015 under the prudent guidance and instruction of Cindy Dollar, a certified Iyengar practioner out of Asheville, NC. Cindy’s emphasis on detail and alignment coupled with Keely’s natural inclination toward a strong physical practice produce an approach that is both physically challenging and mindfully engaging.

Halfway into her training, Keely found out she was expecting and became intensely passionate and involved with both prenatal yoga and later, mama/baby yoga, developing sequences based on her own experiences.  She is exceedingly grateful to have completed her yoga training before giving birth as it truly eased her transition into motherhood. Always looking for new ways to apply the practice to the rigors of being a new mama, Keely is a firm believer that yoga meets you where you are and because of this, is indeed for everybody.  

Come join us for our on going classes Saturday's at 10am -Yoga for the Young Ones and 11:30am - Mommy and Me Yoga.  For the month of August, we are offering introductory rates of $7 per child for the Yoga for Young Ones and $10 for the Mommy and Me Yoga class.

Packages will be available to purchase!

You may also schedule your visit on meetup!  

You may also schedule a private or small group session.  Please call for rates.

Please call to reserve a spot on the mat!  843-971-1000.

 Keely Doran

Keely Doran