There’s nothing like the ritual of making Bulletproof Coffee the traditional way…

But what happens when you find yourself craving a cup someplace where grass-fed butter and Brain Octane (let alone a blender) is nowhere to be found?

If you’ve ever tried improvising with whatever’s at hand, you’ve probably discovered the same thing I have brewing Bulletproof in some pretty inconvenient places – from hotel rooms to airplane tray tables at 30,000 feet…

It can feel less like a hack... and more like a big mess.

That’s why I’m so excited to finally share the ultimate travel-friendly coffee upgrade – a product we’ve been working on for three years and multiple rounds of taste tests to get it just right.

It’s called InstaMix. And it works exactly the way it sounds, letting you whip up a cup of Bulletproof Coffee with no need to lug around a blender or a supply of grass-fed butter and liquid oil.

All ready to drink with just a few stirs (or shakes) of your cup.

Combining a mix of powdered grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil in one convenient pouch, Instamix is Bulletproof Coffee unplugged…

Meaning whether you’re on the road or just in a rush, you can now enjoy a high-performance cup of coffee anywhere, anytime you choose.

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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee With InstaMix…

One of the first things you may notice when you open the InstaMix packet is that the powder inside seems to clump together a bit. That’s because InstaMix contains none of the potentially harmful “flow agents” that most food manufacturers blend into powdered food products to make them look better.

The good news is, these clumps disappear instantly as soon as you mix the powder with hot coffee.

And you don’t need anything fancy like a hand-held blender to mix it in: Just brew your coffee using any method you choose, then pour the coffee and a single-serving packet of InstaMix into a travel mug.

Then simply shake for five seconds… and you’re done (and ready to kick more ass!)

I haven’t been quite this stoked to introduce a new Bulletproof product to you in a long time. And I can’t wait for you to try InstaMix for yourself…

Just click here now to reserve your box of InstaMix and have a 5-second cup of Bulletproof available anytime and anywhere you want it.

Stay Bulletproof

InstaMix FAQ

When should I drink InstaMix?
Drink InstaMix first thing in the morning, or whenever you normally drink coffee. Brew 8 oz Upgraded Coffee and pour in one packet of InstaMix, or more as desired. Mix or shake to combine, enjoy, and feel the power.

What kind of butter is used?
Butter from pasture raised cows.

Can this be mixed with a cold smoothie?
InstaMix can be blended into smoothies, but it is difficult to dissolve powder into cold liquids by stirring.

Will this blend easily or can I stir with a spoon?
For best results, shake InstaMix and freshly brewed Upgraded Coffee in a sealed, screw top insulated travel mug. You can also stir InstaMix with a spoon, but it takes longer.

Shelf life?
6 months shelf life. Expiration is noted on packaging.

Cool dry place. 25°- 86°F. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Is it okay to mix with other smoothies, flavor?
Absolutely! You can add InstaMix to any flavored beverage for a delicious boost of quality fats.

==>Try New Bulletproof InstaMix (14 servings per box)

Is the packaging recyclable?
The outer carton is recyclable with other paper products.

Can I give this to my children?
Please consult your pediatrician before introducing new foods into your children’s diet.

Heat/Cold damage during shipping?
InstaMix’s travel friendly packets are safe to ship or travel with in any weather.

Can this be mixed with any tea?

Try using InstaMix while cooking! It is a convenient way to infuse your dishes with delicious, Bulletproof fats on the go!

What process is used to make the butter powdered?
Butter and Bulletproof Brain Octane are blended together using a proprietary process then dried into a powder and packaged.

How do you get this from a natural state to an instant mix without sacrificing quality?
We start with pure ingredients and our process is temperature controlled and finished product is 3rd party tested to verify content and quality.

Will there be different flavors for this product in the future?
At the moment this is the only flavor will be offering.

Will an XCT version be available? 
At the moment this is the only version of InstaMix we will be offering.

Why is my Instamix clumpy?
No flow agents, all natural ingredients.

==>Try New Bulletproof InstaMix (14 servings per box)